I write, I edit, I create, I collaborate

I have a wealth of professional experience in the legal and education fields. I added a Bachelor's Degree to this experience and am transitioning into writing full-time. 

I have utilized the Microsoft Office suite of products, Adobe Acrobat DC, InDesign, Prezi, Wordpress, Sharepoint, and Google Docs. I have drafted complex legal documents such as pleadings, legislative summaries, vendor contracts, and non-disclosure agreements. I have years of experience in proofreading complex documents and checking documents to ensure they are following internal processes as well as legal and compliance regulations. 

I will continue to expand my knowledge through additional training courses and internships, to ensure that I am always up-to-date on document creation software and content management strategies. If there is a software you work with that I do not have listed, I am confident I can pick up on it quickly. I value creating documentation that is reflective of the company's voice as well as concise and easily understood by the customer. I am open to writing about any subject matter but my main areas of interest are legal, regulatory, public policy, scientific, and environmental writing. 

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